Amirsaeed Malekshahi

Malekshahi is known for his passion, desire, determination, discipline and dedication. With annual revenue of 15 million Euro in 2017, Malekshahi and his senior management team are credited with leading the company to explosive growth in the last Five years. Malekshahi volunteers his time mentoring youth in the community and the company contributes to many charitable causes, including the donation of Medicines to needy organizations.

Amirsaeed Malekshahi is Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Omid Darou Salamat and serves on its Board of Directors. In this role, Malekshahi is responsible for driving the company’s growth as the Iran’s leading provider of Nutraceutical Products. More recently on 2008, he was establishing Omid Darou Salamat for importing medicine. Malekshahi spends much of his time with customers, learning more about the challenges they face and helping them to navigate the complex healthcare environment with greater productivity and predictability.

Malekshahi spent 7 years at Tadbir kalaye jam, including 5 years in leadership roles, partnering with many of its key partner globally. As managing director of Tadbir kalaye jam Health and Products business areas, he successfully grew the portfolio of businesses. This operating unit included pharmaceutical firms, payers and providers, and drug retailers and distributors. Previously, he was the Iran chief operating officer for Alhavi’s operating group which included production and distribution .In both operating units, he partnered with clients on their growth strategies and initiatives, as well as enabling them to deliver significant operational efficiency improvements.